Fire Safety

Fire safety

SHILUVIT wood products meet the highest European fire safety standards for wood ceilings and wall cladding.

There are 2 EU standards applicable for wood products in buildings:

1. EN 13964:2004

    Suspended ceilings – requirements and test methods

2. EN 13501      

    The Euroclass test for fire safety.

SHILUVIT ceilings are CE certified for both standards.

Our classification is B-s2,d0.

Oranit is authorized to mark SHILUVIT wood ceiling with the CE labels.

The high class fire rating is achieved by our state-of-the-art treatment process.

The wood profiles are treated in an autoclave with special fire retardant materials. A 3-phase process of vacuum, pressure and vacuum ensures that the fire retardant materials penetrate the wood and give it the properties needed for fire safety.

The fire retardant material is transparent and is 100% environmentally friendly.